14 October 2009

99 new contacts in one week

We received another e-mail in Dutch this week from our son. He wrote many personal things that would not be appropriate to publish in this blog, but he is doing well and he enjoys his mission. He had a very uplifting week and had a great discussion with his mission president. His love and testimony of our redeemer Jesus Christ has grown and he loves to share the gospel and musical talents with the people in his mission field.

He and his companion Elder Roepers had set a goal to get 100 new contacts this week and they achieved 99 in one week. They also have another baptism scheduled on Saturday of young man that studies in Paramaribo.

If you have some time, please send him a letter and let him know how you are. Missionaries always love to receive mail. His mailing address is posted on this blog.

A Missionary Dad

Video created by Davidkat99 (youtube)

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