29 January 2009

I love Guyana

Excerpt from Jeff's letter

We had another great week. We were able to have 20 lessons with a member present, 8 other lessons, and 12 lessons to recent converts and less actives, so the week was pretty good. We had Zone Conference on Thursday, as well as interviews on Wednesday.

In the interviews President Robison and I talked about the future of my mission. He says that Suriname will be something that will happen towards the end of my mission. I am having great experiences here and that's where I am needed now. So, don’t worry about Suriname for now, if it comes, it will and if not, I was not needed there. I love Guyana, so I want to stay here for a while.

We had district Conference in which we watched a live session of the Caribbean conference with elder Bednar and Elder Eyering. It was really good. They spoke about prayer and faith. Their talks were very inspired. I learned some things that I need to do better.

The rain has not stopped yet. It is in fact raining right now. We don't know how bad it will get, but we will be getting pretty wet today.

I love this work. I love the people here and I love the gospel. I see miracles every day. It is so amazing.

I love all of you.


24 January 2009

The Adventures of a Missionary

What is it.....

Good Night
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20 January 2009

I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord

The picture above was taken in 1991 (Jeff was 4 years old) and the other picture was taken in 2008.
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(Jeff wrotethe following this week)
I do not know what happened last week. I wrote an email and sent it, but it did not work for some reason.

Well, this week was good. We had a slow start, but we were able to get 8 people to church. We are hoping to have at least 2 baptisms, so we are excited about that.

My companion and I are getting along well. We try to work together as best we can. I now realize how nice it is to have clean apartment. I hate it when things are laying around and the dishes are not done. I hate it so much, but I just keep my mouth shut and clean up. I guess that's a good thing. I am learning to be patient and I am learning to take care of the apartment at the same time. I cleaned the bathroom last week. I was so happy when it was done. :D I did not think I would ever say that. :D
Love, Jeff

14 January 2009

No news this week

Unfortunately, no news from Jeff this week. It may have something to do with the bad weather conditions and floods in Guyana

We always say; "No new is good news"

06 January 2009

We met our goal of 2008 baptisms in 2008

This week has been really great. We had 2012 Baptisms, and therefore we met our goal of 2008 baptisms in 2008 and even surpassed it. It was a great feeling when the call came that we had reached our goal. At 6:24 pm the 2008th person was baptized. As a mission we did a New Years countdown. Whenever a person was baptized, the Zone Leaders would call the District Leaders and say, "Only 10 more to go."; "only 9 more to go" and so on. We would then pass it on to the missionaries in our district. All of us were so excited and it worked. We saw great miracles this week. Simply amazing.

I did not get transferred and I am still with Elder Mecham. President still wants me to be the District Leader and to help Elder Mecham with the Dutch language. The only thing that will be changing for us is that we will be living in a two-man-apartment from now on and our area will grow. The area of Elder Sookram and Elder Jordan, the missionaries that used to live in the same apartment, is being added on to our area. We are running low on investigators to teach, but I am excited on what is going to happen this month. We have set a goal to baptize 6 people this month and I am confident that we will be able to achieve that goal.

Thank you for the pictures that you sent me in your email. Amy looks great with her glasses. Whitney, congrats with the personal Progress achievement. It is important that we honor the things that we believe, and one way of doing that is by taking part in the activities and programs that the Church offers.

You do not know, neither can you imagine how fortunate we all are to have grown up in an area where the Church is well established and not just beginning. I think sometimes we do not realize the blessing it is and we just take it for granted. I realized that very strongly with something that happened this past week. I realized that the Church is just barely starting in this area and that the people here a like pioneers. I realized that if we want this work to continue, we need to work together. We need to "thrust in our sickle with all our might" and then we are "called [to work]" (D&C 6:4) This work is the greatest work we could be doing. For missionaries it is combined with a lot of stress, but it always pays off. I love this work and I enjoy every minute of it.

I Love you all very much. Take care all of you and I look forward to next week, when I get to write you again.

01 January 2009


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