01 January 2009


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Laurel said...

Great blog! I just stumbled across you on LDS BLOGS. My husband and I just built a website (MormonsMadeSimple.com) which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to embed one of our videos in your blog, if you think it would be a good missionary tool.

Laurel & Doug

Anonymous said...

Hi Pieter,

I just had the chance to spend time on your blog for Jeff. This is really fantastic. What a great way to create a memory forever and also what a great site to direct family and friends to. I was really touched by the picture of you and Jeff side by side as missionaries. Very special. I also dropped him a note. You should be very proud of this valiant warrier. I loved the scripture at the beginning of the site.
All the best

A Friend's Perspective said...

Hi Verness family!
We sure enjoy reading of Jeffrey and his mission. Jeff, we are so proud of you and your hard work!

We are in Malaysia now and remember fondly our days with your family in Germany. Keep up the good work. Soon Marcus may join you in the field!

cookie said...

Hello to Jeffrey and the Vernes family! What a great site and how nice to read about Jeffrey's adventures on mission.

We know Jeffrey is a great missionary because he comes from a wonderful family. :)

Jeffrey, we are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. We know that your musical skills will come in handy and that you will bless the lives of many. Go missionary!

Love, the Rigbys, Eric, Lora, Brandon and family, Christopher and Johnny

Els said...

Wat geweldig om te zien dat Elder Vernes en Elder Croese het samen zo goed kunnen vinden. Zeker als je bedenkt dat de generaties voor hen ook al bevriend waren en nog zijn.

Els Croese

momabroad said...

Hi Jeffrey ..Elder Vernes! Your dad has made an excellent blog!

It looks like you're enjoying your mission. What an adventure! Have you used your wonderful music skills on your mission?

That's so fun that Johnny Rigby was called to your mission. I hope you two meet up sometime. At least you can compare notes.

Alex has been called to the Wisconsin Milwaukee mission and will report to the MTC on June 3rd. He's very happy to finally have his call - he had to wait six weeks for it. In Wisconsin, there are many descendents of German and Polish immigrants to the US. He has Polish and German/Dutch ancestors and of course has lived in the "old country" (well, Germany at least), so will have something to talk about with them. :)

We wish you the best, and will pray for you and your investigators. I do know about the trials of investigators with no money, etc. It all works out in the end. Keep the faith and keep smiling!

Sister Julian

LaNae said...

What a great blog. My son is currently serving in Suriname also. He is Elder Harding. I recognize your son's picture from Sister Robison's blog. We feel so blessed he was called to this great mission!

LaNae Harding

Janneke said...

He Elder Vernes,
Ook ik volg je blog met belangstelling..... Je kent mij waarschijnlijk niet, maar ik ken jou heel goed. Ik ben bevriend met je tantes Franca en Rianne en met je grootouders. Sinds enkele maanden woon ik in Zweden en ik voel me ook een beetje op zending. Ik wil je danken voor je positieve en geestelijke instelling. Als ik een beetje heimwee heb, zoek ik de blogs van de elders op en dan kijk ik een beetje foto's van al die mensen die ik in Holland heb achtergelaten.....

baasbraal said...

allo Elder Vernes,
Ook ik ben een enthousiast volger van je blog.Je kent mij waarschijnlijk niet, maar ik ken jou des te beter. Ik ben een vriendin van je tantes Franca en Rianne en van je grootouders. Sinds enkele maanden woon ik in Zweden en dan is het heerlijk om de zendelingenpagina's te lezen. Ik wil je danken voor je geestelijke en inspirerende blog. En ook voor al de foto's die je er op hebt gezet. Als ik soms een beetje heimwee krijg, ga1 ik gewoon naar die foto's kijken!
sterkte in Surimane,
Janneke Baas

An Duiche said...

You have an inspiring website, Pieter. It's great to see how well Jeffrey is doing on his mission ..and blessing the rest of us with his example.

Tom Milligan

Anonymous said...

9 weeks to go and my baby will come home!! whoop whoop;) we´ve been tremendously blessed with you serving a mission, we miss you terribly but rejoice in your efforts to preach and teach! cant wait to see the places you´ve been, the people you´ve met! keep up the work till your lat and then some more,)
love you lots,

An Duiche said...

These are days that Jeffrey will remember and think about for the rest of his life. What an excellent way to start a wonderful life!

Tom Milligan