14 August 2008

Mission Home in Trinidad

I am in Trinidad now!!! I do not know who my companion is going to be yet, but I will be told tonight. I leave for Guyana tomorrow and I am very excited. The mission president and his wife are really nice.

This is the group of new missionaries. We traveled together on 21 July 2008 from the MTC in Provo to the Mission Home in Trinidad & Tobago.
From Left to Right, Elders Chambers, Huntsman, Tupou, Vernes, Shroath, Scott, Mecham, Holtz

We received some great instructions from President Robison.

Sister & President Robison

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cookie said...

Great site! Thanks for sending us the update and exciting new life of Elder Vernes. How wonderful!
We are happy for all of you. Go Jeffrey! I always knew you'd make a great missionary and here you are.

L. Rigby :)