20 April 2009

That made me smile...

Dear Family,

This has been a really great week. We had three investigators at church again, and they are getting baptized on Saturday. They are really excited about all of this and they are looking forward to getting baptized. The Branch President is just as excited about it because it means that there will be new members in the branch to get the other members excited about missionary work and retention. I think that these new converts will be able to have great influence on the other members of the branch.

I was asked to give a talk yesterday. I talked about the Atonement, Missionary work, and the sacrament. The talk was not planned, but they did not have a third speaker, and they asked me to talk. I think it went well. People came up to me telling me that it was a great talk.

We also had a great little choir practice yesterday. We will be singing on Sunday. They will be singing and I will be playing the piano, while one of the members will be conducting. We're doing "Praise Ye The Lord". They sing it really well.

Elder Croese and I have been listening to his MP3 player a lot. He has BYU Devotionals on it and talks from other General Authorities given on different occasions. While I was listening to some of them I couldn't help but think how cool it would be to sit there in a BYU Devotional every week and listen to a General Authority speak. :D

It makes me very happy to hear that you got my letters. I thought it was funny. Amy wrote to me today that she made mac and cheese. She just did not write it in that way. She wrote, "mama hat mir beigebracht wie man mc and roni and cheese macht." That made me smile...mc and roni and cheese :D

I love all of you.


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