06 April 2009

Happy Easter

Thank you for your mail, and thank you for your prayers. I think I really need them right now. We have investigators and they are great, but they could not make it to conference because they did not have any money to travel to the district center. One of the brothers of the investigator was supposed to give her money, so she could take herself and her kids to conference. Well the brother did not show up, so she could not come. That was really too bad because conference was great.

I really loved every bit of conference. The talks were inspiring and the spirit was very strong. All of the sessions were great. At home we never really got to see the last session of conference on Sunday. Here we watch all of the sessions live. I really enjoy watching the last session. I cannot believe that this is already my second General Conference on my mission. I only have two more left. Time has really flown by. I cannot believe I have been on my mission for nine months already. I think my favorite talk was that of Elder Holland. He is a great speaker.

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Elder Croese and I are doing great. He is a great companion and I am learning a lot from him. He is also a hard worker. We are getting along great. All we need to do now is find new investigators. We have had some bike problems :-) in the last few days that have slowed the work down a lot, but we are getting our bikes fixed and the work will go a lot better and faster this week.

The weeks just seem to fly by. The days just seem so short. I get up in the morning and before I know it, it is already time to go inside. I love being a missionary.

Thanks again for you emails and prayers.


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