26 January 2010

Some fruits are saved for a different season

Monday 25 January 2010

Things are really going well. Elder Koenen and I are really seeing the hand of the Lord in the work. We have so much to do for other Elders and it often seems like we do not have time to work in our own area, however, the Lord knows that we are doing our very best. He is blessing us in so many ways. People are getting baptized and less actives are coming back to church. We should be having 2 batptisms and Elder Kempenaers and his companion should be having one baptism which means 3 baptisms in our district.

I got an email from Elder Muse who was my companion on St. Maarten. He finished his mission a few weeks ago, right before Christmas. He is still in contact with some people we worked with. There was one Sister that we were working with that was a little less active, but started coming back to church. We did not baptize anyone on St Maarten and did not really see success that way, but I was able to read in his email that this sister is now active in the church and that she is really doing her best to strengthen the church in St Maarten. It was great to hear that. I realized that you do not always see the fruits of your work immediately. I have seen plenty of situations like this in the last few weeks. We cannot always see the fruits of the work we do right away. Some fruits are saved for a different season.

Monday 18 January 2010

We had a great fireside yesterday with an Area Seventy. There were a lot of new members and investigators there and the Spirit was very strong. The meeting confirmed to me how important this work is and how important it is to always strive to do our best to always come closer to Christ.

I just met a senior couple from England who are working in Guyana. Their name is Elder and Sister Weedon. They asked where I was from and I told them Frankfurt, Germany. They then asked if I knew the Carmichaels and I said that I did. They are good friends of the Carmichaels. It was great to see how small the world is. :D We will be going out with them on Tuesday to find less active youth that should be going to seminary and institute, but are not. They are really funny and very "English" :-)

Transfers are coming up, but nothing is changing in Suriname because we did all of the transfers early. We are waiting for a new Elder to come in. Because he has some problems with visas and immigration, he will be working in Trinidad until they get his visa ready.

Thanks for your support.

Love, Jeff.

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