13 February 2010

We are accountable for our goals...

As you might have guessed, we had another great week. We were able to baptize 2 people and 3 new members were able to be ordained priests in the priesthood. Sacrament Meeting was amazing. We did not have as many people as last week, but the meeting was great anyway. With the confirmations and things like that the spirit was very strong.

Zone Conference was great as well. We were able to pick up everyone on time and get them to where they needed to be. President Gamiette is an amazing man. We had planned for him to do interviews with the missionaries on Wednesday. And we told him that we were going to pick him up at noon or so. When we got to the hotel he was not to be found. We asked the people at the front desk, but they did not know where he went and we went up to his room, but he was not there. We decided that we were going to walk around in the back of the hotel to see if we could find him by the pool or anywhere else. As we were walking around the garden area I saw what looked like President Gamiette in the gym. We walked in and he said, "Argh...I just needed 10 more min.", than he looked at his watch and said, "Alright, I'll come." He is in such good shape. He had decided to work out a little to relieve himself from some stress. And then he went and did some of the most spiritual interviews with the missionaries. He is a great man and wonderful leader! He works very hard and really loves the missionaries and members.

Our Zone Leader Council Meetings are done via LDS Meeting point. This will save a lot of time and money. It is quite a good program. Then once a quarter we have to go to Trinidad for more training and instructions.

I was very happy to learn about the goal for the Europe area to double our sacrament attendance by inviting less active people back to church and others to come unto Christ. I am sure if we as members do all we can, we will be able to reach that goal. I have been able to learn that on my mission. If we set a goal we are accountable for it and we need to report to the Lord. It will take every member's efforts.

Love, Jeff.

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