04 July 2010

God be with you, till we meet again

This is a short video clip of some of the people our son met on his mission in the West Indies. We as parents are very grateful for all your kindness towards our son.

Even though two years is a long time and we look forward seeing Jeffrey again, we also feel richly blessed by his mission. We have been uplifted by his weekly e-mails and how he has shared his love for the people and the gospel.

We also know that the church of Jesus Christ was restored and that we have a living prophet. Heavenly Father created a beautiful plan of hapiness. The choice is ours weather we want to accept this plan and receive the blessings of the gospel.

We thank all those people that listened to the missionaries and joint the church of Jesus Christ. If you have not listened to the missionaries, please take a moment and invite these missionaries to share the joy of the gospel to you. It will change your life!

Thank you!!!


A Friend's Perspective said...

Thanks for sharing Jeff's mission with us. It was a joy to read of his love and see his testimony grow. Danke schon my friends!

tagskie said...

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