23 February 2009

Suriname is Great!!!

Hey everyone,

Well I arrived in Suriname safely. It was a heck of a trip. I left around 5 am in Georgetown and got here around 7pm. I could not take many pictures because there was not much too see on the side of the roads. It was only fields and thick bush. That was about it. On the ferry it rained like crazy and I got soaked, because the ferry was small and it was not covered.

My new companion Elder Croese is a great guy. He is really committed and loves the work. He works hard and we get along fine. We speak a mix of Dutch and English together. It's quite funny, but we just end up switching languages in the middle of a conversation. He is quite a good cook, and he loves cooking.

As for the people here they are great. I can’t understand some of them, but I am working on learning the taki-taki and all of that.
I love being here. The work is great. The branch wants to see success and so do we. I know this will be a great transfer.

I love all of you. Thank you for your support and for your emails.


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