30 March 2009

Ik wil wel naar de kerk komen, maar ik heb geen das.

A few words take from the weekly e-mail from Elder Vernes.

This week was a great week. We had 6 new people at church and they all loved it. This is great! This is the most investigators we have had in church for a while in this area, and we and the branch are really excited. We are really fortunate to have a good group of good investigators. One of the investigators is a 10 year old boy. He said, "Ik wil wel naar de kerk komen, maar ik heb geen das." (Translation = “I would like to come to church, but I have no tie”) I told him not to worry. I gave him one of my ties. He was wearing it when he came to church, and he was so happy.

My mouth is still bothering me. I have some picture of it, but I cannot send them because they are very big...too big for this email. I hope it gets better soon. The mission doctor thinks it is a fungus in my mouth, and he gave me some medication. I hope it works.

I did not write about me being the district leader here in Suriname? I thought I did. So anyway, I was asked by President Robison to be the district leader in the Wanica district. I am district leader over 3 elders and the Dirkmaat’s a senior missionary couple. They are all really great missionaries and nice people. I like being district leader. We are a good team.

It is weird teaching district meeting in Dutch, but it works out fine. I think my Dutch has gotten a lot better. I know how to spell things and express myself correctly. I am still learning the Taki-Taki (which actually means "gossip" in Surinamese) To say "how are you doing?" you say "fa waka?" It's a nice little language. I like it...but it is a little difficult to learn.

Anyway this week was great.


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