05 April 2010

What a great Conference

What a great conference it was. I noticed that they talked a lot about families and establishing the church. I was able to learn that families are key to the growth of the church. I hope we will be able to implement that into the work here in suriname.

During conference I was able to learn so much about the priesthood and the importance of missionary work. I am thankful for the success that the Lord is giving us.

Elder Koenen will be leaving in the coming week. He is sad and excited to go home at the same time. I cannot imagine that my turn will come soon as well. We are going to have a great week. We will be baptizing a sister this week that is really looking forward to baptism. She is so excited. She read all the way up to the middle of Alma in jst about 3 weeks. She is ready to get baptized and willing to learn. At the same time we are helping a less active family because we are asking them to fellowship her. The work is amazing.

No, I did not get any package. It may be in the mail, but I did not get it yet. The system here is a little slow.

The picture here shows us after a good game of soccer with some members. It had just rained and we were basically playing in the mud, so we were no very clean when we finished.

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts.
Love, Jeff

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