27 April 2010

The Lord blesses me with so much...

Dear family,

Wow!!! Thank you for the good news. I was so happy to hear that I was accepted at the University of Kent and also the University of Leiden. I will fast and pray and let you know how I feel. I just think it is great that the Lord blesses me with so much.

Elder Lake and I had a good week. We are seeing so much success with the returning members and the less actives. We taught so many good lessons. The spirit was just so strong during a lot of these lessons and you could just see the faces of the people lit up when we were teaching. I feel that the Lord is using us as His tools to bring light back into the lives of these people.

There is a family that was less active last year and they are making changes in their lives accept callings to serve in the church. Every time we go there we just have a great spiritual experience. They are so amazing and I enjoy teaching them because they are just so willing to learn. As they are making the needed changes in their lives, they have been able to bring three people into the church with them. These three new members are strong and one of them is preparing to go on a mission. He is such a good kid. You can tell that he loves the Gospel and that he will be a great missionary. He shares the things he learns with those around him and they too are making changes in their lives.

I just feel like the Lord is speaking to them through my companion and me. I love that feeling and I am thankful for it. I try to thank the Lord for every time that feeling comes. I always want to have that feeling in my life and I know it will be there as I keep on reading my scriptures and praying and thanking the Lord for everything I have.

I love the Lord and he has made such an impact in my life. Every time I teach I want to give others that feeling. I want to make them feel that God loves them. I was able to teach Elder's Quorum yesterday and I explained that each member had a calling to bring the Gospel into the lives of others. I told them that the people could feel the love of God through them. I am completely convinced that that is true. This church is a missionary church and The Lord uses us (the members, not the missionaries) to reach out to people. "The members are full time finders and the missionaries are full time teachers", said Elder Bednar.

I love this work and the people here in Suriname. I am so grateful that I am a part of this gret work. Thank you for sustaining me in it through your faith and testimonies and prayers.

Love, Jeff

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