08 September 2008

LaGrange is Great!

Hello everyone,

Well, the new area is great. The Area is huge. Its about 7 miles in width and a few miles in length. We're doing a lot of finding, because they baptized all of the investigators before I got there. The members in the new branch are great. They are very committed to the work with the misionaries and will do anything to strengthen the church. I started a Branch Choir on Sunday. We had a great turn out. There were about 25 to 30 people there. They liked it and I guess they like my music teaching skills.

I really love this work. It is so great to see people change their lives. The work really goes faster and better, when members work with the missionaries. When members feel the same desire we as missionaries feel, the ward or branch becomes stronger and they will want others to have a part in this as well. Referrals from members are the best investigators.