17 March 2009

Back in Suriname

I am sorry I could not write you an email last week. We had computer problems, so it did not work. I am back in Suriname. I got back Wednesday morning at 1230am. I was pretty tired when I got here, but everything worked out fine. My finger is doing a lot better, and it is feeling a lot better. It is still very pink and sensitive, but it's improving.

Trinidad is amazing. Compared to Suriname and Guyana it is like little America. It is very modern and there are so many cars on the streets. Sadly enough I could not take any pictures because my camera was in Suriname. I did not think I would be staying for that long.

The elders I worked with are great. They were really nice and I really enjoyed staying with them. We worked hard and I almost had a baptism in Trinidad. We were teaching this girl that was so close to getting baptized, but she called it off right before I left. I don't know if she got baptized yet. I hope she did. She knew everything was true; she just had a commitment issue.

The members in Trinidad are really really nice. They feed the missionaries about every day. Even the investigators or random people feed the missionaries. It's just how they are. Before Church was over on Sunday I had two pieces of cake in my bag that I got from members. After church a member cooked up a storm for us. It was amazing food.

Anyway, it does feel good to be back in Suriname. The work is not going so well in the zone. Missionaries are getting sick a lot and that is slowing the work down along with the fact that members are not progressing. We just need to continue to work hard and I know we will be blessed with success.

I love all of you. Thank you for your emails and prayers. I don't have a lot of time, so I need to go.


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Lisa Pusey said...

How exciting to run across your blog today. My parents (Elder and Sister Oliver) have been in the West Indies mission for 3 months now. They are serving in St Maartin, which is half dutch and half french. My mom is setting up a piano teaching program, so they hope to stay there their entire mission. Maybe Jeffrey will run into them sometime. They also loved their visit to Trinadad. Best Wishes! Lisa Pusey