24 March 2009

A few words taken from Jeff’s weekly e-mail.

Elders Vernes & Lubberink

My companion Elder Croese from Rotterdam

Zone conference was great. We learned a lot about committing people to do something. We learned that when we promise them blessings that they will have motivation to keep the commitment that we leave with them. It was a great experience.

Everything is going well. We did not have a baptism this week, but we are planning and working on a few in April. This week was not an easy week. We did not have anyone at church this Sunday. We did everything we could to get people at church, but things just did not work out. One of them got in a fight with some people while he was on his way to church with his niece, and another person got diarrhea on her way to church. We had planned for about 5 people, but none showed up. That was a little disappointing, but this next week will be better.

I started teaching music classes in the area. With the branch president and the music director of the branch I set up a branch choir. The people really like it. I am also teaching separate voice and piano lessons. It is very nice to talk to Elder Croese. We talk about different universities in Holland and what we will study. We get along very well.

Thank you for our emails. I always look forward to them. My finger is doing a little better.


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