03 March 2009

Unexpected visit to Trinidad

Let me say one thing first, I am doing fine.

I am writing this email from Trinidad today, because I needed a minor surgery on my finger. I got an infection in Guyana, and it started coming up in Suriname. My right middle finger started getting swollen and red, with the tip of the finger really fat with a white spot on it about 5 millimeters in diameter.

I went to the doctor in Suriname and he wanted to cut it and let it heal. I did not like the sound of that, so I called the mission doctor, who had me on antibiotics for a few days to see what would happen. He finally decided that it was best to get me out into Trinidad to get this taken care of, so I flew in from Suriname at 7 in the morning and went straight to the doctor, who decided to cut it open and take the infection out. He did a good job, and it was a quick surgery. I am in the mission office right now, and I will be in Trinidad until probably Thursday. That depends on what the doctor will tell me when I see him again.

We are looking for new investigators, but we just are not finding them right now. Things are challenging for the moment, but it will get better!!! We are looking toward a good week this week...that is, if I get back this week...and that depends on the doctor.

I am running out of time and my finger is beginning to hurt...the medication is wearing off...

I love you.


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