25 May 2010

On my way to Nickerie

I did get a call from President Gamiette last week. He told me that I would be serving in Nickerie. It is about 3 hours from Paramaribo. I will be training a new Elder. His name is Elder Freeman. I think he's from Utah, but I do not really know. I will meet him on Wednesday. I am excited about training. I remember when I first came into the mission field. Everything was very new to me and I did not know what was going on. Now, almost 2 years later we're doing missionary work like it has become part of us.

The missionaries I came out with (Elder Holtz, Elder Schroath, and Elder Mecham) are going home in a few days. They go home one transfer before I do because they stayed longer in the MTC. Elder Swart is also going home with them. I can't believe that I now only have 6 weeks left. It's just amazing how fast time has flown.

This week was great. We had two baptisms in the Zone. Things are really going well in Suriname. I really believe that if the members and missionaries work together we will be able to see so many great miracles and have a stake here in no time, but only if the members work together with the missionaries! That requires humility on our part as missionaries. We need to help the members. It is their work. I have seen so much success by doing that. The members WANT to work when THEY see the success and it is THEIR success. I love missionary work. I just hope to be able to help this new Elder become a great missionary. Trainers have so much influence on their new missionaries. I am grateful that the Lord would trust me enough to train a new Elder. I will not be zone leader anymore which will allow me to focus 100% on missionary work and "go out with a bang", as President Gamiette says.

Thank you for the many prayers on my behalf.

Love, Jeff

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