21 December 2009

The choir sounded amazing

This week was quite a busy week for us. We drove out to Nickerie through the jungle to visit Elders Croese and Roepers. They are doing really well out there and are working hard. We had a short exchange and drove back on Wednesday.

Elder Vernes and Elder Koenen

Elder Koenen and I held a Zone Meeting with the entire zone about the new vision that President Gamiette has for the mission. When we were in Trinidad, we were able to hear firsthand what this new vision encompasses. We tried to make it as clear to the zone as possible, so that there would not be any confusion and we would be able to work together in unity and see success. It ended up being a very uplifting meeting.

After that Zone Meeting we worked for the rest of the day and at 8.00 pm drove around moving around some Elders, so we would be able to put the new Elder in the right place. There were some last minute transfers that we had to take care of. Around 10 pm we left to the airport to pick up Elder Bytendorp. Elder Koenen and I decided to take Elder Holz who is training Elder Bytendorp. We also decided to play a little trick on the new elder. I ended up being Elder Koenen and Elder Koenen was Elder Holz and Elder Holz was me. It was very funny and Elder Bytendorp had to laugh after we finally switched nametags again after half a day of playing the other person.

Then there was the Christmas party at which the Choir sang really really well. They sounded amazing. We are now working on keeping this alive so that they will be able to have a District Choir. We got a lot of compliments from the people that were there. There were about 350 people at the party.

President Gamiette will be coming in for Zone Conference today. We will have Zone Conference tomorrow. I am excited because it is always such a spiritual and uplifting time.

Thank you for that great package. I left to gifts wrapped and will open them on Christmas Day. We have received instructions on what to do for Christmas. We want to do a lot of service that day and have a good time as a zone. The phone calls will be around 5 pm Suriname time. I look forward to talk to you all.

Thank you for everything. Love,

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