30 December 2009

There are so many good people...

Things are really exciting for us in Suriname. We have set a goal to have a baptismal service on 2 January for our zone and baptize many people. Elder Koenen and I are working with some great people ourselves and hope that they will be baptized that day.

I got a letter from Vocalis. In the letter they put the CD we made before my mission. It is great. It sounds really nice and it brings back good memories. It would be great to sing with them again.

Anyway, we are working hard with new investigators and less active members. We are trying to find a new balance between finding and reactivation. The focus of the mission is reactivation. We are seeing a lot of success in that area. There are so many good people that have been baptized in the last few years that have gone less active and we want them back. We have started a big joint effort with members and missionaries to get these people back. The goal is to invite them back and to teach their families and friends, so we will still be able to increase membership and church attendance. President Gamiette was inspired to make these changes and they are working.

Sacrament Meeting was good. We had very good speakers and they all did very well. I have started a habit that I want to continue. I have started taking notes in every meeting that I attend and I was amazed at how much I can get out of meetings and other gatherings. The Spirit just teaches you more because you are showing God that you are willing to remember and write it down. You should try it. It really works. I have learned so much.

I love you all,


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